Wednesday, November 26, 2008

te he he he ha ha--gulp choke

Tuesday night my dad made scallop potatoes. He was very excited about it so he made sure I had some when I came home. As I took a big bite, my dad asked, "Did I tell you how I singed my hair?" I turned around and looked at his face and saw that all around his hair line were burnt hair. I started to laugh so hard I was scared I was going to choke.
This is how dad singed his hair...
He was burning brush and still had a little gasoline in his jug and thought what the heck. He threw the jug in the fire and it exploded toward him. As he was telling the story, he was showing his reaction--arms flinging and head back. He said it felt like someone shot at him. I'm still giggling...

Monday, November 24, 2008

skipbo with the jenkins

Saturday night was family game night. Eddie, Kristin and girls, Wendy & her boys, Ray, myself & our kids, and mom & dad were all there. Us adults decided to play skipbo. Mom, dad & Eddie never played before. During the game, Wendy & I couldn't help ourselves to make sure everyone was playing the way they should. Wendy shouting from one end of the table and I was shouting from the other end...

"No! Play the 5!"
"Play the skipbo as a 7!"
"Do have a 10 or skipbo in your hand? Oh darn it, what is in your hand?"
"No! No! No! What are you doing? Play the 2 from your pile!"

So-ok. We did this to everyone. I have no idea what got into us but it ended with Eddie swearing at us and telling us to leave everyone the hell alone so other people can have a chance to win. Guess what our response was...

we all laughed

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

my little dancers

So today I called in because I have pink eye. I never had any kind of eye infection so it made me a little nervous. I have a coworker whose daughter almost lost an eye because she had a type of herpes virus in her eye. But thank God it's not herpes! Any how, I worked on some dance steps for the girls' Christmas dance. They did very well. They know the steps but just need a little work on keeping it smooth. I was so impressed. At first, they had lots of ideas. I let them show me the very complex and beautiful dances that they wanted to do. But I told them that we should keep it simple just in case they get nervous. They agreed.

This video is from their dance class. It is just a taste of what they can do.

Monday, November 17, 2008

gas station bathrooms

Ever use a gas station bathroom? Some are really nice and some are not so nice. Ray & I stopped at a gas station that have nice bathrooms--usually. I walked in and it was pretty messy but there was no waiting--so ok. I flushed and guess what happened? Yep. It did the opposite of flush. I panicked. I grabbed their plunger and of course the stupid rubber thing flipped inside out so I couldn't work it anymore. I so walked out and said "It's bubbling over." 3 gas station attendants stared at me with goofy smiles. The young girl behind me peeked in and said "I'm not touching that" meanwhile, the guy laughed. I covered my face and started walking out but they didn't move. They just looked and laughed. I stopped at the door and said "It wasn't the bad kind". I went out the door went to Ray and told him what happened. So my sweet man walked in and told them he wasn't with the "toilet over flow-er girl". Did I say sweet man? I should have asked "where is my sweet man?" Oh, I know where he is. He is with the guy that told me to move over. Yup. Good weekend.
btw, ray thank you for getting my blog up and running--you are sweet :)