Thursday, October 15, 2009

no one noticed our little friend today until i went to put a pan of broccoli on the stove. my heart jumped into my throat and a weird, breathy ghhhhh noise came out of my mouth. chantze turned, laughed then he noticed the mouse and screamed. i called dad to come over and get rid of it. so dad came over, picked it up from the back and guess what? it bit him. dad yelped, jumped back, arms whipped up and back letting the mouse fly backwards. the mouse hit my water cup, tipped it over, then fell on the floor and slid under the frig. while this was happening, chantze & i screamed, turned and slammed into each other and i end up bouncing off the wall. dad did get the mouse out of the house. the silly rodent got into the mouse poison and started to die.
we took the pics before dad came over. that top blurry one was when i was trying to focus and the stupid phone rang. it scared me.