Thursday, February 12, 2009

just stuff

this is my dad's sister, barbara. i don't remember too much about her because she died in a car accident when i was very young. i do know she worked for the gov't and won a beauty contest. she won with a leopard print bathing suit. she left behind a daughter, debbie. she inherited lots of money. from my understanding, she is a little weird and a bulimic. my dad told me that when he was young, out of all his siblings he hated getting in fights with barbara. i guess she would bite and claw. she was an aunt that i would have really like to get to know. well, since that is impossible now, let's talk about glade candles. elisa, ray's coworker, inspired me. she had one burning in her bathroom and it smelled so nice. so i bought one. i've decided to buy 5 or 10 because i want my house to smell really nice. i am a terrible housewife so maybe--just maybe--people won't notice that but notice how nice my messy house smells. on that note, i have to say ray is so sweet. he went from a very neat woman to me. yikes. he probably did not realize what he was getting into. oh well. love you ray :)