Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy birthday, Ray!

Awwwe. My favorite person is my first follower and he is 38 yrs old today! The kids and I made him tacos & bought him Guiness beer, Guiness beer glasses, & a Jack Johnson cd. I am pretty sure he liked everything (especially the beer glasses).

The kids made him a special box of love you notes and pictures and cookies. I left it out for him this morning and soon I will be waking him up to help me get the kids off to school so maybe he'll comment about it sometime today.

Ray is a wonderful dad & husband. He works so hard for his family. Not only does he work 40 + hours a week but he is also writing to better his family. Which, by God's grace, will happen someday soon. He is an awesome writer. He loves all his kids and loves to be around them. They love him so much too.

He does so much for me. Here are just a few things he does for me...

I love that he will trade cars so I don't have to put gas in the car or if the roads are bad he will have me drive the van. He starts my car and scrapes for me. He drives because he knows how much I hate it (even if he doesn't have to go). I love it when he says I'm the most important person in his life or when he says he loves me the most--my heart skips every time. He tells me I am beautiful even on bad days. He makes me feel good about aging which most women have a hard time. He is quitting smoking and choking down pills that makes him sick to his stomach. He doesn't mind me following him around like a lost puppy on the weekends or when I call him during the week just so I can hear his voice. I love it when he plays his guitar especially when I am trying to sleep--it is relaxing and helps me fall asleep. On nights we go to bed together, he waits up while I do my night time routine to cuddle with me. He wakes me up when I have my stupid demon dreams or when I go into stupid sleeping paralysis. When I have nightmares, he doesn't mind when I mash myself against him to get away from the edge of the bed. He sometimes comes to bed just to lay with me until I fall asleep. Although, sometimes he gets up and shuts me in the dark--I don't like that. He puts up with a lot of stupid crap I do. I appreciate & I love him so much. Besides Jesus, there is no one I love more. He makes me so very happy.

Hailie, Chantze, Brooke and Paige are very lucky to have him as a dad and I praise God every day for giving him to me.

Happy birthday, baby. I cannot wait to see you this weekend.