Tuesday, May 19, 2009

pray for my mom

keep my mom in your prayers. she went in for a normal colonoscopy and dr power found a polyp that was too big to remove. she was diagnosed with cancer. at this point she will have surgery to have the polyp and probably a little bit of her colon removed. just pray that that is all she will need. she's not scared. she believes that God will take care of her. Amen!


VeeFlower said...

I know that colon cancer is very curable. And I know that God must love her very much to have her take a test that discovered it when it wasn't even suspected. So I have every good feeling that it will turn out fine. Of course I will pray for her, too. If you need me to help with babysitting let me know. I would only be too glad to help.

shortensweet said...

I'll pray too. Prayer is a great medicine!

Big Plain V said...

And double amen from me.

I'm just glad she ended up with such a great surgeon. I'll make sure she doesn't get Dr. "The Hammer" for an anasthesiologist.