Monday, May 11, 2009

mother's day

ray, chantze & the twins made mother's day very very special. they bought my 2 new belly rings & 2 new sun dresses. they made breakfast in bed for me and took me out to someplace else pizza. they even bought me a mocha from starbucks. the girls made a really nice picture on brown paper. they are so thoughtful. they made the whole day about me and gave me hugs & kisses. ray says he owes me a full body massage. ;) i hope all of you moms felt as special as i did on sunday.
we also bought special gifts for our moms. i'm pretty sure they liked their gifts. mom & violet, we love you very much & we'll always be there for you when you need us. May our loving Father in Heaven always be with you.


Big Plain V said...


(did I remember to tell you I love you?)

VeeFlower said...

Are you kidding, I had the best Mother's Day since I can remember. Because every single one of my kids and grandkids got to be there, except I really missed our Hailie girl, whom I sure wanted to be with her Mom. I hope you know that I am so glad you are the mother and stepmother of my grandchildren and wife to my son. You have brought so much to the whole family and I pray that God blesses you and the family every day.

Rayslady said...

awwe--thank you!